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American Home Elevator Co. is a local elevator company with over 30 years of experience in Northern and Central Ohio. We will work at competitive prices to install high-quality accessibility products from the best manufacturers in the business.

Our lift-products can cover a range of 2 to 7 levels or 25 feet of total travel area. American Home Elevator Co. is happy to service residential and commercial sites. Plus, we offer both immediate and long-term service contracts. We can install most lift-products in three days or fewer.

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At American Home Elevator Co., based in Perrysburg Ohio, we are dedicated to make a difference in the industry by providing the highest level of customer service. Whether you are in the initial concept phase, working with blue print specs, or completing a retrofit, call us today for expert and efficient service!

  • Toledo/Corporate
  • (419) 837-6596
  • Columbus
  • (614) 403-7911
  • Cleveland
  • (800) 882-1987
  • Lima
  • (800) 882-1987
  • Toll Free
  • (800) 882-1987
  • Fax
  • (419) 837-6785

Local Architects and Builders we have collaborated with:


  • Duket Porter Associates
  • Poggemeyer Design
  • Lee Short Architest
  • Kime Design


  • Berman Builders
  • Micheal Development
  • Comte Construction
  • Janotta & Herner, Inc.
  • Mosser Construction
  • Garlock Brothers
  • Hoffman Builders
  • Monak Custom Homes
  • Moline Builders
  • Roetzel Construction
  • Slaske Building Co.
  • Stanberry Homes
  • Tuttle Construction
  • Utopia Homes

Residential Elevator Installation Rail Wall



"I'm here to answer questions about commercial and residential lifts. No obligation necessary." - Patty Crosby, Vice President

Serving Northern Ohio

  • Cleveland: 1-800-882-1987
  • Columbus: 614-403-7911
  • Lima: 1-800-882-1987
  • Toledo: 419-837-6596

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